The problem of size

According to the manual, it recommends buying a bag for the computer.  Unfortunately, Asus don’t supply a bag big enough for this laptop.  My previous Asus laptop (FS3A) was sold with a bag, but they didn’t mention it in the sales information, so I purchased one in anticipation – result: two bags.  Make your mind up Asus!!  I have done extensive searches on the Internet and cannot find a bag big enough to fit.  The largest I’ve seen is 20 inches, so too small.  If anyone can find a 21 inch bag in the UK please let me know.

To solve the problem I’ve had to purchase a piece of luggage from Argos as nothing else is big enough.  Whilst not ideal, it offers some modicum of protection until a more suitable one becomes available.  I’ve got two pieces of sponge which will act as a buffer for the NX90, but the accessories etc will have to stay in the top if the lid section.  the down side of that is that they will rattle around a lot as the bag itself is ABS.


About nx90experiment

A tech nut who needs to travel a lot, hence the need for a laptop computer.
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2 Responses to The problem of size

  1. 網路創業 says:

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  2. Fred Strickland says:

    I have a bag coming from Bigbadbags, in Ontario, Canada. They have three sizes. The largest clearly will hold the ASUS but Rikki, at Bigbagbags has promised me that their smallest bag will work. The small bag is advertized at 20.5″ wide, the ASUS is 20.9″ wide, but Rikki “guarantees” the small Bigbadbag will be a good snug fit, because the bag is kinda stretchy. Further is has a pocket for accessories. Sounds good, I have’nt got it yewt, but look ’em up.

    Fred Strickland

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