Travelling with my shiny alloy friend

After buying the Antler luggage from Argos and using some sponge I found around the house, it was off on my travels.  With some design tips from my wife, I was able to pack the PC into the case with enough protection to satisfy me.  The idea of scratching the beautiful polished aluminium case made me extra cautious in my packing.

Once I got to the hotel I carefully unpacked “Ares” as he’s become known.  Ares after the Greek god of war, due to his size and power.  I packed the laptop into the body of the case and the accessories and other items I packed into the roof of the case behind the cover provided.

Once set up I decided to try one of my favourite tunes on the speakers.  I selected Alice Cooper’s Halo of Flies, from their 1971 album Killer.  I have to confess to being very impressed indeed.  I have never, ever heard sound quality like this from a laptop.  It is amazing.  The Bang & Olufsen sound system lives up to its name.  The amount of surround sound effect was startling.  The sound deep and resonant.  No match for my Teak mini system of course, that graces my desk at home, but very acceptable and not at all ‘tinny’.

So far the NX-90 has been very impressive, however I have one gripe.  Every time I hit the edge of the right hand shift key, I catch the up arrow, which if I’m not paying close attention, highlights and deletes blocks of text.  Very annoying as there is no tactile indication of the centre of the keys as they are flat topped.  The look of the keyboard is very funky, but this has been at the sacrifice of usability in my opinion.  Time will tell if I can adapt to this or whether I have to employ an external keyboard.


About nx90experiment

A tech nut who needs to travel a lot, hence the need for a laptop computer.
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