The lights, the lights.

Today, I used my NX-90 to write a review on the site I purchased it from, eBuyer.  If anyone is coming here from there, welcome.  The link is here for when it gets published.

I’m still getting to grips with the keyboard, and its flat configuration, as a result it’s currently taking me longer to write this piece than it normally would.  I’m not convinced by the design of it.  When you catch the edge of a normal keyboard, you slip into the middle of it because it’s bevelled, you just don’t get that with the Asus.  But it sure does look fancy.

Whilst I’m on the subject of dislikes, I sure do miss the light that my old Asus laptop had, which was at the side of the webcam and was dual purpose, acting as illumination onto the keyboard and a light for the webcam.  The other problem is that it is not hotel room friendly.  I leave my NX-90 up and running overnight, as I use Calibre to download my reading matter and email it to my Kindle ready for me to read over breakfast.  Also, if I shut down the machine, when I boot back up in the morning and try to connect to the Hotel’s wireless broadband I cannot always get an IP address, therefore I leave it up and running to keep me connected.  Not the NX-90’s fault, I must stress, but a deficiency in the hotel’s systems, but hey, it’s free!  The problem is that the NX-90 has 5 LED’s, of which two, the hard disk and the wireless connection lights are very bright indeed.  Add into that the power LED, the battery charge LED and the power LED.  Yes, you’re right, I’ve mentioned the power LED twice – that’s because there are two power LED’s.  I don’t know why there are a two power LED’s, ok?  There just are.  As a result, my room is lit up like Christmas Eve at the Trafford Centre, or at least that’s what it seems like.  As a result, I now wear a sleep mask.  The good news is that I no longer need to turn on a light at night to visit the bathroom.


About nx90experiment

A tech nut who needs to travel a lot, hence the need for a laptop computer.
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