Oh Dear…

Last weekend I’d been listening to the Asus through my home hi-fi system.  Whilst the sound from the NX-90 is very good, there is no way it can compete with the sound quality of my Teac mini hifi system with Tannoy speakers.

To connect to it, I used a flylead from the auxiliary of the system to the 3.5 inch jack on the side of the Asus.  When I arrived back at the hotel it became apparent that the sound wasn’t coming through the speakers.  Unfortunately, it had to be the hardware as even the “fanfare” that introduces the operating system was silent.  When I play music the indicators show that it is playing the sounds through the speakers, but all is silent.

When I attach my heaphones to the Asus the sound comes out of them without any problems, so it looks like the problem is in the sound port hardware.  Knowing something about this, I suspect the problem is that the switch built into the socket has failed in the open position – very sad.

So my new shiny Asus NX-90 is on its way back to eBuyer for a refund.  Looks like I will be purchasing a new and different laptop in the near future.  I’m contemplating a Rock laptop.  I will add a final reference showing what I decide on and I may possibly start a blog on that.  In the meantime if anyone has any history of Rock computers, good or bad, perhaps you’ll leave a comment.


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A tech nut who needs to travel a lot, hence the need for a laptop computer.
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One Response to Oh Dear…

  1. Sue says:

    Right, don’t go for a Rock or is it too late?

    I’ve had the asus nx90 bought over from the US by a friend. Cost me about £1200. I figure Ive saved abou £500 to the buyer price you paid but for me there’s no returns. The good news is asus sold it with a 2 year world wide warranty so at least that’s covered. Also you can find nx90s on sale on eBay direct from the US for a similar price but you’ll have to pay about £250 duty/Vat on top cutting a chunk out of your ebuyer savings.

    Now, I do agree that the nx90 keyboard sucks but then I’m not going to be lugging this beast around anywhere- it’s been bought as a desktop replacement. I put it on a 6 ft black glass table in my office at home and wow it’s looks can kill! I didn’t buy this for the speakers, I must say I bought this as a design statement. In years to come this will be the one that stood out. How many other laptops come in a Chrome finish.

    If you buy this laptop, handle with care, keep a soft microfibre cloth close by, and you will have The Ultimate Bling Bling Laptop ever!

    Oh and the keyboard if you buy from the US is changeable to a UK one, you buy one from a laptop repair shop like I did or presumably direct from Asus.

    As for the Rock? Are you sure? Where is the Bling in that?

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