Well the refund finally came through and I’m now in the market for a replacement laptop.  So why not buy another Asus NX-90?

To answer the question, I need to outline what is good and bad about the NX-90.  First, the good:

Fabulous screen.  The video quality of the NX-90 is really outstanding.  The video card that supports it does a superb job.

Wonderful sound.  As I have said before here, I have never, ever, heard a laptop with such sound quality.  Every sound that comes from its speakers sounds warm and resonant.

Superb performance.  I took the opportunity to run a number of applications and games on it, including: Office 2010 (64 bit edition) and Entropia Universe, which is very graphics intensive, and at no time did it skip a beat.  I set the game running at its highest graphics level.

Outstanding value for money.  £2400 buys you a hell of a lot of computing power in comparison to its competitors.  The i7 Intel processor goes like a rocket, 1.2Tb of disk space is very good value, even if it is split between 2 drives.  6Gb of main memory as standard.  When I compare this specification to the equivalent Alienware offering, you are saving over £700 on the Dell model and it is has nothing like the wow factor of the Asus.  When people see the Asus, their jaws drop in wonder, they really do.  It is beautiful.

The bad:

The sheer size.  The damn thing is just too big.  There is not a computer bag that will fit it.  It is ridiculous.  The problem is the location of the speakers either side of the screen.  Yes, I know why they did it – to give us the wonderful sound that I mention above, but that sound has a cost in terms of size.  It is a monster that is a true desktop replacement, not a portable.

The keyboard.  The person who decided that the keyboard design and layout of the NX-90 was fit for purpose should have their guide dog shot.  It really is that bad.  It’s impossible to use without losing what you have written on a regular basis.  For example, I am writing this post on an IBM Thinkpad and I have lost no text at all.  The Asus keyboard is so frustrating that I came close to throwing the bloody thing out of the window.  I nearly bought a keyboard to use with it, it was so bad.  Great to look at, awful to use.

At the end of the day, I am free to admit that the problem may be mine, perhaps others will find the limitations that I encountered a price worth paying, but I’m afraid these two negatives stop me from buying another NX-90.

I am now going to buy one of these: http://www.rockdirect.com/viewNotebook.php?pName=XTREME%20795

The good news about this computer is that it is made in the UK – hooray!!  Furthermore, it has a 7-day money back guarantee, so at least I get to try it and send it back if I can’t get on with it.  So watch out for my new blog I’ll be writing about my next purchase.


About nx90experiment

A tech nut who needs to travel a lot, hence the need for a laptop computer.
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3 Responses to Epilogue

  1. Rev says:

    You wont go far wrong with a Rock. A friend of mine swore by them and has had a couple ‘bespoke’ builds from them. Their top end machines are more of a desktop replacement than a ‘laptop’ as such, they pack some horsepower!.

  2. Darren Starr says:

    Thanks for the helpful and thoughtful and detailed comments you have made thus far.
    I was considering the asus. It does sound far too big to be practical. Please let me know how you get on with the Rock computer.

    Many thanks,

    Darren Starr 🙂

  3. If you still own this laptop I have perhaps found something for you here :


    I own also this laptop and of course i discovered the same little problem with the bag but a friend of mine who also own this laptop decided to buy a bag for a small synthesizer, here is one I show you, but you can found also different models in which the laptop can fit without paying an expensive price. (synthesizers / small keyboard bags is the solution for me)

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